Play Glossy’s 75-ball and 90-ball bingo rooms

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Glossy Bingo

Glossy Bingo is a respected name in the online gaming world, with eight years of trading under its belt. Its position within the Broadway Gaming Group, alongside other platforms such as Butlers Bingo, ensures it’s a brand punters believe in and trust, which are crucial in the fast-moving environment of the internet.

As we mentioned above, Glossy Bingo is a platform with experience. Its virtual doors opened for the first time in 2013, and since then, they have quickly acclimatised and adapted, while technology and punters’ demands and desires continuously evolve. Therefore, they can deliver a service that ticks all the boxes.

Bingo Rooms

It makes sense to think that the vast majority of people who pass through Glossy Bingo’s virtual doors are there primarily to play bingo. So, it makes it crucial to get the basics right by offering a couple of versions of the game, which they do in the shape of 75-ball and 90-ball.

So, the variety of bingo types is in place, and that’s important. But, what about the rooms the games are happening inside? Well, there are multiple standard rooms, which you can visit daily. And, to supplement these, Glossy Bingo has several unique rooms, including the likes of Super Heavy Weight. They may not open as regularly, but the prizes are often larger.


We weren’t lying when we said that it makes sense to think the vast majority of people who visit Gloss Bingo do so to play bingo. But, what’s also true is that many of these punters will enjoy playing other games too. And Glossy Bingo or any gaming platform specialising in bingo would be a fool not to consider this important.

It’d be easy to get a small selection of basic slots in position so people can pass the time. But Glossy Bingo doesn’t do half measures. Instead, they are powered by Microgaming content, which is arguably the best around. And, it’s not just video slots we’re talking about. There are table games and instant wins such as scratch cards available too.


When a service is this good, you’re always looking for the cherry on top of the cake. You want more. And Glossy Bingo goes a step further in making this a platform worth joining through the promotions they run. If you’re new, expect the red carpet treatment with the welcome offer and deals coming your way after making an initial deposit.

If you’re an existing member who shows loyalty to the service, you will continue to receive perks along the way. Glossy Bingo doesn’t bring punters through the door and then leave them to it, they want everyone to feel like they’re valued, and they do it through bonuses.


When you know a platform you are reviewing is part of the Broadway Gaming Group, with 5+ years of experience and a sister site to other excellent online bingo enterprises, it’s not surprising that everything is present and correct. And that’s the case with Glossy Bingo.
We are impressed by what we see, though. You can’t take anything away or underplay an online bingo service with excellent games and promotions available to their customers on an attractive and accessible platform.

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